Colorful wood boxes with glass and metal.

Colorful wood boxes with glass and metal.

I tease Kyle sometimes because we talk a lot about new ideas she has and then months later  I find out she has added it to the website when I see the actual new product  come up for me to pack!  Or I read about it when I am checking out her blog.

That is what happened when she finalized the new wood boxes with glass and metal overlay.  This design allows you to use any of our over 400 designs on our wood boxes.  the design is integrated into a metal overlay on a colorful piece of glass and with a flash of our iridescent film under the design.

glass color chart.

glass color chart.

There are nine color systems available on the 6.5″ x 6.5″ x 2.5″ high boxes which are made of rosewood stained ash.  The boxes are hinged and  the bottom of the inside is lined.  We can ad an engraving plate to the inside or outside of the box.

A smaller version of the overlay box will soon be

Smll box coming soon.

Small box coming soon.

available in black.  Hopefully Kyle will let me know when that happens and I can post information on that box!  Pictured here ia a sample of that box.


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