A flask for your sweetheart.

A flask for your sweetheart.

The theme is love.   Valentines Day is an opportunity to express your love.  a love for humanity, an individual or family.  At Kyle Design we have so many designs and items to put them on, there is no end to your opportunity to express your love in a very personal way.

If your love is your #1, your cupcake or

Cupcake arrings in gold or silver.

Cupcake arrings in gold or silver.

your monkey.  We can help you show that.  If hearts and flowers are her thing – got it.  Candy?  that, too.

If he is your rhino, your  big dog and he lights your fire – you can get a gift

Colorful Poker Magnet Clips.

Colorful Poker Magnet Clips.

for him here.

Is she a fan of romantic vampire novels?  Is he a math geek?  Does she love ladybugs?  Is he your rock star?  Do you wine and dine together?   Does he promise you the stars? Did you meet in the rain?  Like to walk on the beach?

Do you enjoy candles and champagne?  Or beer and baseball?    Does she spend her days in the garden?  Is his nose always in a book?  Will you  love her until

You are my #1.

You are my #1.

the end of time?

Does she make lemonade from lemons?  Does he shiver your timbers?  Can he fix anything?  Has she knit you some socks?  Maybe he is the cowboy of your dreams.  She holds the key to your heart.

Do you love to dance the night away or

For your teddy bear.

For your teddy bear.

snuggle in front of the TV?  Does he have the heart of a lion?  Is she busy as a bee?  Is she your princess?  Will he slay a dragon for you.  Does he live in a castle?  Is she from another world?

Is your honey your funny bunny?  The cherry on top?  Your angel from heaven or your stinky little skunk?

Red glass photography night light.

Red glass photography night light.

Express it on a flask,a pill box, a badge reel or a bookmark.  Large and

Ornament for your goddess

Ornament for your goddess

small tokens of your feelings.  A lovely jewelry box,  a shining night light.  A business like card case, a sparkly earring. A keepsake ornament or a magnet for the refrigerator.  So many ways to express yourself .

A letter opener and a love note or a key chain for her purse.  A money clip for his cash.  Case for  her lipstick.  So many gifts, so many choices!

Let Kyle Design help you celebrate Valentine’s Day and find the perfect gift.


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