Dollar sign tree ornament for accountants and financial planners.

Dollar sign tree ornament for accountants and financial planners.

I know a lot of people are still unsure how the economic downturn is going to affect how they celebrate their holidays.  We typically say we will spend less during the holidays than we actually do.  The last few years it seems that retailers have started discounting in November and having blow out sales in December – which always seems to motivate people to spend more than they planned.

This year for me it is going to be about getting the right gift – not the best deal.  Deals can be exciting – but more and more I see that the deals are not really such a deal.  The size of the package has shrunk.  the number of items in the box has been reduced.  The “free” shipping is made up for in the “handling” charge.  The quality of the item is not what it once was.  It all just reminds me of that old adage about no such thing as a free lunch.

So – the right gift.  Not one that has been marked down, not one that might fit.  Not something they might

Customized Dragonfly pill box.

Customized Dragonfly pill box.

not already have.  The right gift for everyone on my list.  And how will I do that?  By choosing things that are really personal and useful.  Things that tell the person that I put a lot of thought into their gift.  By selecting , say, a pill box (useful) and putting a dragonfly design on it (personal) with aqua iridescent color (shows you know their taste) and their initials engraved on the back (keepsake).  And I can do that for each person on my list.

I have lots of nieces and nephews.  For each one no matter what age I can find a gift and make it really thoughtful and personal.  Bookmarks are one example, I

Happy Graduation 2008!

Happy Graduation 2008!

can choose one with a peace symbol in pink, another with dogs in purple and another with a graduation cap in cobalt blue – have them engraved and I have 3 gifts that match the interests and personalities of those kids.

Looking through the list, I see pill boxes, money clips, business card cases, contact lens cases, magnets for the fridge, a flask or two, a metal wallet and  and, of course, tree ornaments that would all be just the right gift for my family and friends.

So get out your list, sit down and spend some time on our site and I am sure you will find the right gift for everyone!

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