Bright Christmas Pill Box.

Bright Christmas Pill Box.

I know that this new round of economic woes has everyone on edge.  The concepts are too big to get my head around, except for the old adage of “what goes up, must come down.”  All I do know is that it is time to focus on what we need and to spend our money on quality.

To me the best thing about Kyle Design products is that they are lovely pieces of art but useful, too.  Functional art is what it is called.  The other thing I like is that I work for a woman who has built this business over 25 years.  She has weathered these financial storms and kept her business alive and has a real commitment to offering high quality at a moderate price, made in the USA and backed up with good customer service.

The holidays are coming up fast.  We have been getting ready for months now because it is our busiest

Click here to see large custom lockets.

Click here to see large custom lockets.

time of year.  I always start my shopping early because we put in long days at work in November and December.  I have a few gifts in my hiding places already, and I have made lists of things to seek out in the next few weeks.  Will I cut down this year?  Not much.  The cuts that could have been made were made in past years.  I just try to be smart and look for value

One thing I look at when I am shopping online is the shipping cost.  If a site hides the shipping information or pads the cost of shipping, I look elsewhere.  I am proud to say we do not charge beyond the actual cost of UPS shipping at Kyle Design.  Plus we offer flat rate shipping – so buying multiple items from us is smart.

Click here to purchase money clip with dollar sign.

Click here to purchase money clip with dollar sign.

I think it is smart to shop online, as well.  Saving the time and gas and staying away from the crowds is big for me.  Kyle Design offers a huge variety of gift options.  (We frequently ask Kyle if she has gone crazy because she is always adding new items and our shelves are bending under the weight!)  The thing is – last year we didn’t have lockets or long engravable bookmarks, handy boxes and our double design options and now people order them every day!  Spend some time looking around our site and you will truly fine a gift for everyone you know.

So, for the holiday gift season coming up, shop smart by spending some time at Kyle Design.

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