Autumn walnut leaf business card case.

Autumn walnut leaf business card case.

Here in Northern California, Fall is an odd season.  I know people say there are no seasons in California, but there are – it’s just that Fall starts in late October and ends sometime after Christmas and then winter lasts, oh,  about 2 months and then Spring starts in March and goes until June when it is Summer again.  That is if you go by the temperature and deciduous tree cycles.  It is all fine with me, except that the palette of the falling leaves in December clash with the traditional Christmas colors.

Anyway – we always know when it is supposed to be fall because of the new TV season!

Card case for a TV lover or critic.
Card case for a TV lover or critic.

You can’t really go by the sports programs because they seem to start playing football in July – but when the new season of House comes on – Hurrah!  it’s fall.  I must admit that I have not seen any new shows that look appealing, but I am happy that Pushing Daisies is coming back after the strike shortened season, and I am an avid fan of Lost and Gray’s Anatomy.  I watch  Survivor and The Amazing Race with my husband – he loves those, but his favorite is House.  My daughter and I watch Hero’s together.

Pill box for an award winner.

Pill box for an award winner.

So this week is the start of the Fall Season.  The Emmy show last night sort of kicked it off.  I love to watch for the fashions, but enjoyed the antics of Ricky Gervais and seeing the Mad Men cast out of costume.

I am also happy that more of the actors and producers pointed out the incredible value of the writers.  The make or break of a show for me is the

A charming writers pill box.

A charming writer's pill box.

writing.  One of the main reasons I love Lost is that it is so unpredictable and different.  I am rivited by the writing in House and Mad Men.  And love the comedy infused in the drama of Grey’s Anatomy.  I am discerning about what I watch, but I admit I look forward to my shows starting up again soon.

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