Double Peace! as heard on San Francisco morning radio

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Support Peace and Justice.

Support Peace and Justice.

I’ll be guest blogging today on My Art Filled Life. I’ve never blogged before, in fact I tend to resist trends and technological fads. BUT, I just had to share my excitement about this morning’s KFOG broadcast live from Walnut Creek, CA. Their guest was Mary Alice O’Connor, Executive Director of the Mount Diablo Peace Center (, an organization working to promote peace locally and globally through citizen involvement.

Hearing the hosts of my favorite morning radio show interview Mary Alice got me hooked back into the FACT that there are many people in my very community who are actively working toward peace. I contribute by maintaining peaceful relationships in my daily life: coworkers, friends, crazy drivers on the highway (float them a peace sign instead of the middle finger!), waitresses and other servicepeople. I proudly display my “WAGE PEACE” bumper sticker and got an extra 45 miles out of my tank of gas by driving 65 instead of 75.

You may think these little things don’t really make a difference, but they do. Every individual has an effect

Double Peace!!

Double Peace!!

on the people around them – whether they are conscious of it or not. If you were to assume that is true, how would you behave differently with the people in your life? Remember the famous speech that reminds us “our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” Fear causes us to retract, to shrink down, to believe people who want us to accept the status quo. I don’t accept war and I don’t accept conflict in my relationships. I believe that every day I have the opportunity to create peace in my world – that’s an exciting concept to me. Mary Alice and the KFOG crew live these concepts every day.

I’m so fortunate to live in a part of the country that takes an active stance in speaking out against war and supporting peaceful conflict resolution. Both

The World is One

The World is One

Berkeley AND Oakland (don’t believe everything you hear about Oakland!) adopted resolutions to support a cabinet-level representative for the Department of Peace. Imagine what this country could do if we had politicians in influential positions brainstorming and campaigning for waging peace domestically and in other countries! Also happening this weekend at UC Berkeley is the 2008 California Department of Peace Conference. link:

Kyle Design is a wonderful resource for gifts and home decor with custom designs – such as peace and justice, earth and nature, professions and hobbies.

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