Post this recipe with a Chef magnet clip.

Post your recipe with a Chef"s magnet clip.

I have known my husband for over 25 years. He has never cooked a meal – oh, he has fed the children in my rare absence, he warms things up and occasionally makes a sandwich for himself . He has said he would be a great cook – he just hasn’t actually cooked.

Until last week. He bought a book about sports and nutrition and out of all the information there, he focused on the beans. Pinto beans. Oh, and how you can make them in a crock pot. He was surprised to find that I do not have a crock pot – so he set out to determine which one he should purchase so he could make his beans. He came home with the world’s largest crock pot. A recipe for cooking a whole turkey came with it. It is programmable. It is manly.

After asking me where to find and how to identify a few items at the store, he went to buy his ingredients. He found everything he needed including the fresh cilantro and dried beans. He was very excited to find

Chili Pepper themed gifts!

Chili Pepper themed gifts!

dried lima beans, too. He pulled out a bowl I judged a bit small to soak the beans, but i decided that I would answer questions he asked, but otherwise not inject myself into his cooking process.

He completed the beans a couple of days later. They were spicy and a bit al dente. He said next time he would pay more attention to the soaking part of the process. I served some with our dinner and he has put the rest in the freezer. Now he is asking questions about cake ingredients. Apparently there is a recipe for crock pot blueberry cake.

Now were cookin’.

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