We had a very long, cool spring here in California. No need to run the air conditioning helped offset price City Lights Ornamentof gas for my car – so no complaints.

I went to Philadelphia to help my daughter move from dorm to rented room, and the heat was waiting for me there. She had a long list of must see places around town – so we traipsed through the hot, humid air to see oldest residential street in the country, Elfreth’s Alley. My visit coincided with the Fete Day, Artist's card casewhich is one of 2 days a year the homes are opened to the public. We enjoyed seeing the way modern families lived in the tiny homes built in 1702!

We also saw The Philadelphia Magic Gardens on South Street. This is a must see for people who love mosaics. It is inspiring and fun to see the “folk art” style of the space. We also attended the First Monday event during which the local art galleries remain open into the evening and a party atmosphere abounds. We had martinis and dinner at a great restaurant called Fork, just one of many good meals we shared.

We hit the thrift stores and borrowed a car to make a Target trip for furnishings and a little air conditioner for her room. (I decided it was a necessity when the overnight low was 87.) We cleaned and organized the flip flops flaskkitchen, but with 5 college students in the house, I don’t expect that will last long. She is working full time this summer, but when I left, she had a list of little projects she wants to do.

So, one more of my chicks has flown the nest, but I helped feather the new nest and had a good visit and saw some sights. It was a good start for the summer.

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  1. Maggie replied:

    First Friday! I had an amazing time, and the kitchen isn’t too bad yet.

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