Purple  iris night light When my kids were little I tried to get them into celebrating May Day as I did when I was young. They were not as enchanted with this holiday as I was. Perhaps because I grew up in the warm and sunny San Joaquin Valley and they grew up in gray, rainy Seattle.

We alway had flowers growing and ready to pick and put in little baskets which wehibiscus flower stamp box had made. We would then go to friends and neighbors doors and leave the flowers tied to the door knob – ring the bell and run away. A great opportunity to play doorbell ditch without negative consequences!

Now, I have never gone ’round a May Pole to celebrate the beginning of spring. Nor have I been a member of organized labor, although I appreciate their efforts to make the work day a standard 8 hours. I understand that May 1 is also a saints day and a rosesnational holiday in some countries for various reasons. I applaud all those reasons to celebrate today. I will commemorate the day by cutting some of the early roses in our garden and making a nice arrangement.sunflower ornament

You can bring flowers into your home or give as a gift by choosing a flower themed gift! Make the rose yellow or the iris blue – customize to your taste.

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