guitarIn my house there are currently 6 guitars. Mostly electric right now, but as my husband’s interests change so do the guitars. He stalks them on eBay and researches them and talks about them on forums. When he gets a new guitar he starts to work fixing it up, changing out strings and frets and all kinds of other guitar part stuff. He plays it and then moves on. The guitars that seem to stay around the longest are the acoustic guitars. This is his winter hobby, in spring he turns to bicycles and does the same kind of stuff – last week he bought a tandem bicycle – sigh. At least he admits that the reason hemusic card case likes them both is that there is a lot of “stuff” and tinkering involved.

Anyway. April is International Guitar month. Aside from guitar festivals in Europe I didn’t see much going on to celebrate guitars except for sales and free lessons with purchase.

Guitars descend from the early Indian instrument, the sitar. These stringed instruments have been in use for over 5000 years! The modern acoustic guitar directly descends from 14th century Spain. It did not achieve it’s current status and popularity until music was composed showing it’s violinversatility as a concert instrument in the 19th century. Many changes were made to the shape, sound, number of strings and materials over time and in different parts of the world. Then guitars went electric in 1936, and a whole new world of changes and stuff to buy began.

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