baseball money clipFor people around the world, just saying Opening Day is enough. No further explanation needed. Opening Day is the first excuse of Spring to play hooky and go to the ballpark. The first day to let go of last year’s record and start with a fresh scorecard. Spring is the season of rebirth and that feeling is why the writer Thomas Boswell once penned a book titled, Why Time Begins On Opening Day.

I enjoy baseball, but I am more attached to softball as I was a softball mom for 11 years. There were a few years in there when I had two girls playing softball and a few when my son was playing baseball too. I went from field to field on Saturdays and had a game most afternoons of the week as well. Those years required a great deal of organization. flask

But mostly it was softball running from March to August with my oldest daughter when she played on summer traveling teams. Summer teams meant practice every weekday and tournaments all over the place every weekend from Memorial Day into august depending on how far we went in the standings. The farthest we went was to Santa Fe, New Mexico when the team took 3rd place in Nationals.

My daughsun and rainter moved on from softball to rowing which was a great move for her, she loved the new challenge and the sport is one which requires a large number of women to make up it’s teams. It really made a difference when it came to the college she is going to. But I miss all those softball years. Seeing the girls grow and mature, getting to know the other parents and families. Just spending time in the bleachers in the sun and wind and sometimes rain. With like minded people, cheering, talking about the game, our rivals, our lives and our girls.

I think that is also why people love baseball. You sit together as a large group and share the experience, pitch by pitch, inning by inning, game by game.



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