I am reprinting a brief article we have in our library because I saw this blog today and I think it bears a lot of repeating. The technology of thievery is not to be underestimated.


Many companies are now providing customers with credit and debit cards with RadioCATS WALLET Frequency ID Technology (RFID), a.k.a. Smart Cards, blink cards, wave cards, paypasses or contactless credit cards. These cards can be passed in front of a scanner at the point of purchase to make a purchase, instead of being handed over to the cashier or swiped through a machine. The issuing banks claim there is no security risk, but independent studies have shown there is a risk of your personal information being compromised by unauthorized persons.

The wallets currently available that protect your RFID cards are utilitarian at best. Kyle Design’s metal business card cases and metal credit card wallets are the most attractive options available and can be easily personalized to suit your taste. Click Custom Metal Credit Card Wallets or Personalized Metal Business Card Holders and Cases for a unique selection of distinctive metal cases.

How Do I Know If My Card is a Smart Card?

  • You will only have a Smart Card if you requested it from your bank.
  • Mastercard uses this symbol on the front of your card: Matercard Pay Pass Logo
  • Visa uses this symbol on the front of your card: Visa Smart Card Logo
  • American Express use this symbol on the back of your card: American Express ExpressPay Logo

In addition to our variety of metal wallets, you may want to consider our metal checkbooks. Click on any of our links to see more examples and ideas.

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