rainSo I am dashing to the car through a thick rain of juicy drops, holding my green reusable shopping bags over my head, balancing my hot tea, purse and tote. I leap over the gutter that has become a wide stream – hoping that I didn’t lock the car because having to pull out my keys would throw me into the downpour.

I manage to get settled into the car, wipers going, radio on and the news tells me that the East Coast is being hit by snow and ice. My daughter is in school in Philadelphia. At first when she went East, being a California girl, she would call me at thesnow flake first sign of a snow flake. Now she is not so amused by it.

But I left a message on her cell phone to tell her to stay warm and have a nice weekend, that it was storming here, too, and that Spring will come.


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One Comment

  1. Maggie replied:

    It’s all melted again! Hooray for rain! I hate ice. Danger Danger on my bike.

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