Cigar CasesNovember 15 is “The Great American Smokeout”. This is a rallying day for those who want to quit smoking. Wanting to quit is the number one key to a successful cessation. My hubby has tried to quit with about every method there is, but he admits that deep down, he loves to smoke and so until that changes for him and others like him, we have some very nice gifts.

My husband is one of a large number who roll their own cigarettes. He has a pouch with his tobacco and papers and lighter. He rolls each cigarette when he wants a smoke. Many RYO or MYO smokers roll in advance and use a nice case to carry their cigarettes. We Small Cigarette Caseshave 19 different cases of varying sizes and styles. To those cases you may add one of our 200 designs and colors.

For those who may want to cut down on their smoking, we have very small cases to fill each morning and hopefully will not exceed the capacity by the end of the day. We even have a nice gum holder which can hold only 3 cigarettes – or if one the road to being smoke-free, carry nicotine gum!

We also have cigar cases and tools in various sizes and a great selection of lighters. Our cigarette cases and lighters can be engraved and make nice gift combinations.

And when a smoker decides to quit – the cases make excellent metal wallets!

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